A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Knowing isn't caring. ACTING is caring.

I work at an elementary school in a very safe community in Central Pennsylvania. When I am at work, I wonder, "What if a gunman tries to get into my classroom?" I think about this multiple times a day. I'm not kidding.

After Sandy Hook, I cleaned out several cabinets in my classroom. I don't have a closet or a bathroom, but my walls are lined with floor to ceiling cabinets. Obviously I need this space for storage, but I got rid of some things in case I ever need to hide children. I can't hide a whole classroom of kids, but I have room for 4-6.

This is the world we live in. A world where elementary school teachers are clearing out cabinets in case they ever need to hide children from a crazy person with an AR-15.

I've been watching the news about the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida and in between my sobbing tears I am ANGRY. I am VERY FUCKING ANGRY.

But I feel helpless! What am I supposed to do besides call my representatives and vote in EVERY election to support candidates who are willing to work to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people?

Well that's a start, right? That is ACTING. 

So have you called your reps yet? 

Do you vote in EVERY election? (Please don't say "they're all the same". I am so sick of hearing that. You are being willfully ignorant if you don't vote because you think all of the candidates are the same.)

This purpose of this post isn't to convince anyone that we need commonsense gun control (as well as addressing mental health... let's address EVERYTHING!) Why am I not trying to convince you? Because you probably already agree with me! In recent polls, anywhere between 84%-94% believe in universal background checks to purchase firearms.  That's just one example! Most Americans want to make it harder for crazy people to get guns.

What I am trying to convince you of is that we need to take ACTION. Knowing isn't caring. ACTING is caring. 

What can we ACTIVELY do to stop gun violence? I'll start a list, you can contribute in the comments.

1. Write or call your representatives.
2. Vote in every election.
3. Run for office.
4. Support candidates running for office who are not in the pockets of the NRA.

If everyone who cares ACTS, we can get something done!

What action are YOU going to take? 

We cannot bury our heads in the sand.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Weekly Workouts!

Hola! Here were my workouts for the week.

Saturday- 11.5 miles on the Appalachian Trail with Kristen and Anne. We started at Scott's Farm and went North. About halfway up the mountain we turned around because it was really icy. Another runner told us he had gone the whole way up and how to crawl on his hands and knees! After we ran back to Scott's Farm, we headed South for a bit before turning around. Kristen let me borrow her extra yak trax so I wouldn't slip in the snow and ice. The trail was beautiful!

Sunday- Lifting back @ home. It was pouring so I really wasn't feeling a run. I caught up on the news while I got swole!

Band asst. wide grip pull ups- 5x6
Band asst. neutral grip pull ups- 5x8
Row- 5x8x25lb
Bicep curls- 5x10x15lb
Stability ball sit ups- 5x15x15lb
Stability ball pull ins- 5x15
Bicycles- 5x40
Donkey kicks- 5x20
Plank w/ row- 5x8x15lb

Monday- 6 warm late morning miles! I had the day off work to take Paul to his oral surgery. He had four teeth pulled! Anyway, my run was great because it was the first run in a long time that it wasn't FREEZING out. 

Tuesday- 6 morning miles. Just an enjoyable run. Can I just say I am so thankful just to go out, run at a "la la la" pace, and ENJOY IT? I truly love running.

I know, I wear the same jacket and pink long sleeve on every run...

Wednesday- 6 horrible miles. I got my period Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes, during the first 12-36 hours of my period, I feel SICK. I get a horrible lower back ache, nausea, and a fever-y feeling. My back hurt all night and I felt weak and dizzy on my run. It was the worst run I had in a long time. I ran a 9:20 pace and it felt very hard.

Thursday- Lifting chest @ home. I wanted to run but it was raining and time to lift. I ended up "feeling fat" the rest of the day. I hate that feeling.

Friday- 6 humid miles in SHORTS!!! It was nearly 60 degrees and even though it was raining, I hit the streets! I came across a little skunk running across the street. He was so cute! I only ever see skunks in the morning. Where do they hide all day?

Do you ever feel sick on the first day of your period?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday 5... no, 6!!!! (Random!)

Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

Today, it's 5 6 Random Things!

1. When did my memory get so bad? Something I have noticed over the past couple years is how bad my memory has gotten. Last week, I had a new student in one of my classes. She told me her name, and I literally had to ask her four more times what her name was. Her name wasn't a common name like "Sarah". In fact, it was one of those names I never heard of and was clearly just made up. But still, four times!?

2. I need trail shoes. I've been putting off buying new trail shoes but it is time to bite the bullet. I'm running trail more often and I have noticed that my road shoes just aren't cutting it. I used to wear Mizuno Wave Ascends but this was years ago. I wonder if the shoe is even similar to what it was when I last wore them? I think I am going to have to plan a trip to Appalachian Running Company to try some on.

3. Stuck in between generations. Do you feel like you are stuck between generations? I'm too young for Gen X but I don't feel like a Millennial. Help!

4. Check out this dinosaur!. Before Garmins, before phones, before mp3 players, I ran with THIS dinosaur! 

It was seriously the coolest thing ever to actually be able to run with my disc man. Want to know what I listened to? The Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat sountrack. Over and over and over again!

If you've never been to the nostalgia subreddit, you gotta check it out! That's where I found this beauty.

5. Sleep. When the lack of sleep only plagued me once every couple months or so, I would sometimes take the day off work. Surely I was in no condition to teach a classroom full of children with only 1-2 hours of sleep, right? Well, now that I have sleepless nights one or two nights a week, I can't just not go about my life the next day or else I'd never be going about my life! I just have to suck it up and do what is on the schedule. Some of you ask me if I am really tired after a night of no sleep. I am a little tired, but mostly I feel "blank", if that makes sense?

6. You know that meme... that says: "I'm going to donate these items to Good Will, but first I'm going to drive around with them in my trunk for three months."? Well, I present to you... my trunk.

NO ONE drives straight to Good Will. NO ONE!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What generation are you?
Do you have a good memory?
Favorite reddit threads?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Haircut From Hell

On Friday, I went to the mall to get my hair cut. When I got to my appointment, my stylist ("Dan", the one I switched to and talked about in this post) was still working on someone. SEVENTEEN MINUTES LATER and it was finally my turn. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I make a hair appointment and I am left to sit and wait.

It just went downhill from there. "Dan" (using a fake name) was acting so odd. He was talking really inappropriately. Not sexual or anything, but just oversharing, you know what I mean? At one point he told me about a random hair he gets on his back that he has to pluck out. WHAT!!?? DON'T TELL ME THAT!

He also was telling me how he looked so much different in high school and showed me a picture on his phone from his senior prom. WTF? He was not like this last time!

Ultimately, I liked my haircut. However, it took an hour! It didn't take an hour the first time, and I had him do the exact same thing as before. He was just going so slow and stopped to talk a lot.

The whole time, I was wondering if the cheap price ($24) was worth all the aggravation. If I paid more somewhere, would my appointment start on time? Would my stylist not overshare? Would the haircut not last an hour?

Wait, it's not over yet. When it was time to pay, he charged me $32! I asked why it was $24 last time but $32 this time, even though it was the same cut. He said the salon prices went up (they "go up" every time I go there) and his stylist commission went up. 

Why does it seem like, no matter where I go, the price of the hair cut or dye job changes, even if I get the exact same thing done!? I really hate the guessing game of "How much is my haircut going to cost this month?"

All I want is...

1. To know up front how much it will cost every. single. time. 

2. To not have weird conversations with my stylist about back hair and senior proms.

3. To have my appointment start within 10 minutes of my scheduled time.

4. To ideally not pay more than $25 for a haircut (not including tip.)

Is that too much to ask??? Maybe.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Only Valentine's Day I Remember!

Paul and I have been together for 12 Valentine's Days! Since we don't have any yearly traditions, I only remember one Valentine's Day we spent together, and I actually think it was our first one! I lived in an apartment in Camp Hill and he lived with his parents in Middletown. Over Valentine's Day weekend, we got a huge snowstorm. He was supposed to come to my place, but he didn't, due to the roads being bad. Get this- I got angry! I was mad that he wasn't coming! How irrational of me. Hey, I was only twenty-three.

Paul and I, about a month after we met...

Aw, I remember that jean jacket. I wonder where it went?

The only other thing I remember about that weekend is that I had to walk to the Weis store to buy a shovel so I could dig out my car. Weis was over a mile away. I know that doesn't sound far, but it was a mile through the snow and the slush! I had to walk there and back and then spend hours digging out my car.

Man, I'm glad I have a car port and I don't have to dig out my car anymore! I do have to dig out my driveway but that seems so much more manageable for some reason...

For Valentine's Day, I found this cute survey from The Blended Blog.

Hugs or kisses? Hugs. I don't want to mess up my makeup.

Candy or flowers? Flowers are pretty but they are so expensive. I say candy!

Baking or cooking? Lately, cooking.

Do you remember your first kiss? I do! I was 17, and it was wonderful!

Favorite color of roses? No favorite.

Conversation hearts, yes or no? Those are gross!

Do you leave love notes? We're more likely to hide funny pictures around the house. We hide my friend Randy's senior picture all the time. "You got Randied!" we say.

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? No. I save all of my energy for Christmas.

Red or Pink? Pink.

White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate? Milk.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No. Although the first night I met Paul, I called my mom to tell her I met the man I was going to marry. How did I know that!? I didn't know that. Just coincidence.

Do you give humorous or serious Valentine's Day cards? Humoerous.

Favorite chick flick? I love While You Were Sleeping and You've Got Mail.

Stay in or go out? I'M OLD. STAY IN!!!
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Any memorable V-day stories to share?
Favorite chick flick?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother! (Episodes 1-3)

No one is probably going to read the Celebrity Big Brother posts I write, but I'm going to do them anyway! I will do a write up after every couple episodes.

Recapping/commenting regularly on reality television shows is totally new for me, so I'm not quite sure how these posts are going to go. I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants for now!

Episode One

~ Short Recap ~

The celebrities entered the Big Brother house! Almost immediately, a women's alliance plus Ross was formed. Shannon won HOH but the episode ended with a cliffhanger... The house guests each chose a gift bag which may give one of the the power to "recast" the role of HOH with themselves.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • It's annoying to have a whole HOH competition just to have the HOH "recast". What was the point of the comp?
  •  Omarosa was safe from being nominated by random draw. Yeah right, CBS. You WILL NOT CONVINCE ME you didn't rig that for her.
  • Brandi Glanville needs to tone it down on the lip injections.
  • love that they are doing the same crazy endurance comps for the celebs that they do for the regular seasons. This feels like Big Brother!

~ Julie's Outfit ~

Paul said, "It looks like she's wearing a red trash bag."


Juuuuulie! You are so beautiful! But you need to fire your stylist! This dress was just so ill fitting, the length was odd, and the shoes were too clunky. Maybe it's one of those dresses that look better in person, but this is a television show so viewers don't get to see it in person. Julie should have worn something way more "red carpet" to go with the "Awards Ceremony" theme of the night. How about a dress like this:


Like: Ross, Marissa, Shannon, Mark, Chuck, James
Dislike: Brandi, Omarosa
Neutral: Keshia, Ariadna, Metta

Episode Two

~ Short Recap ~

The girls are playing hard, particularly Shannon, who has been getting a lot of intel from everyone. The boys were getting scared and even though Chuck promised not to open his gift bag, he decided to anyway. The girls alliance and Ross opened there's as well. Keshia ultimately won the recast power, became HOH, and nominated James and Chuck with James as the target.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • I love that most of the people in this cast are "older". In the regular BB seasons, so much of the cast is in their 20s. Over half of this celeb cast is 38 or older. In fact, most are in their 40s.
  •  I would definitely do Big Brother if it was only 3 weeks. I couldn't do a normal 3 month season.
  • In regards to Omarosa expressing her regret to Ross about voting for Trump... I don't believe that for one minute. Omarosa is there for her own self interest and headlines. CBS will air all of it for the ratings. I don't believe a word Omarosa says and I think everything she does is driven by self promotion.
~ Funniest Celeb Quotes ~

"Thank you for my nail." -Chuck Lidell, sucking up to the girls after he let them apply a fake nail on his pinky.


Like: Ross, Marissa, Shannon, Mark, Chuck, James, Keisha, Metta... and omg I kind of liked Omarosa in this episode.
Dislike: None (That's no fun!)
Neutral: Ariadna, Brandi

Also, I am living for Ross and his sleep mask....

Episode Three

~ Short Recap ~

Shannon won the iconic spelling veto comp. Keshia and Omarosa wanted Shannon to use the veto to take down Chuck and put up Mark. Shannon did not think that was good for her game, so she didn't do it. Omarosa and Keshia now have a side alliance. Everyone had planned to vote out James but Shannon and Ross flipped most of the house at the last minute and voted out Chuck. Omarosa and Keshia were totally blindsided and the girls alliance was decimated!

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • It is so refreshing that despite the house guests being celebrities, BB still does messy comps, assigns punishments (Ariadna and James had to dress up like babies and only crawl for two days), and makes fun of them on the broadcast show with the edits and sound effects.
  • Loved the live commentary from past Big Brother winners Ian, Derrick, Nicole, and Josh. But why did Nicole forget to put on pants?
  • Julie played a fun game with the house guests where they had to guess whether a news headline was true or false. You should have seen their faces when they heard the Eagles won the Super Bowl! 
  • METTA WORLD PEACE HAD THE MOST ICONIC VOTE CASTING IN THE HISTORY OF BIG BROTHER! We were laughing so hard. And guess what? Later that night via the live feeds we found out that when he said he was "voting for Chuck", he thought it meant he was voting for Chuck to STAY. So he made a mistake in his voting! Wow, Metta is a hot mess!

~ Julie's Outfit ~


Absolutely STUNNING. Julie, you are rocking this look!

~ Funniest Celeb Quotes ~

"They all nerds. They spellin'." -Metta World Peace during the veto comp.

"I'm wearing that bitch's shoes. She's my bitch." -Brandi in the DR talking about Omarosa and apparently... wearing her shoes? (Side note: Brandi is a hot mess. Do you think when your name ends with an "i" you are destined to be a hot mess?)


Like: Ross, Marissa, Shannon, Mark, Chuck, James, Metta
Dislike: Keshia, Omarosa (back to not liking Omarosa, yay!)
Neutral: Ariadna, Brandi

Anything thoughts on CBB so far?
Who do you like/dislike?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Wrap up!


Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend.
Here's what we were up to...

My morning started with 6 miles. After that, it got hectic. While I was almost ready for leave for work, I spilled my coffee. Right after that, I heard a LOUD THUMP in the front of our house. It scared me and the cats. I figured a bird flew into our bay window. When Christmas gets scared, he bites, so when I saw he was alarmed I quickly got out the kitty treats to distract him. He's such a pig.

Work was hectic as well. The kindergarteners were literally melting off their chairs by he end of the day. They were so ready for the weekend. Me too kids. Me too.

Paul texted me this pic...

Chrissy, right before he sneezed.
You see what  kind of moments working cat moms miss?

Look at my cute skirt I wore to work! It's brown corduroy from Ann Taylor but I got it at Community Aid for $2.50!

After work, I went to the mall and got the haircut from HELL! I'll write more about this experience soon. Sorry to not include it in this post, but it's a long story. Plus, I blog every day so I have to stretch out content sometimes!

I will say I liked the cut, but the experience was horrible. Oh, look how grey my hair is after it is buzzed and before I dye it!

13 years of teaching, right there!

I have to schedule my hair appointments for days I can go straight home and dye it. When my hair is short, I basically have to dye my forehead too so I can get all the whisps. I'm probably going to get cancer from all of the chemicals...

After I dyed my hair, Paul and I caught up on Celebrity Big Brother! I am glad I decided to watch the season. It is so freaking good! I will be doing a recap on my thoughts on the season so far in a couple days. Stay tuned!

I went to bed at 10pm. Trail run in the morning!

Jelly woke me up at 2:17, but it was my own fault I didn't fall back asleep. I got on my phone to catch up on what was going on in the Big Brother house... then BOOM I was awake and the whole night was shot!

At 4:00 I crawled out of bed, made some coffee, and decided to take on the day. I caught up on podcasts and blogging. Morning is actually the time when I am most in the mood to write. Plus the house is so quiet and I can focus more.

At 8:00 I met Kristen and Anne at Scott's Farm. Our plan was to run North on the AT for 75 minutes and then turn around and come back for 2.5 hours total. Kristen let me borrow her yak trax so I could handle the icy trails.


The trails were snow covered but not too icy. I was surprised with how run-able it was. 

Once we were halfway done with the climb up the mountain, it got very icy and we decided to turn back. When we got back to Scott's Farm, we headed South through the fields. That was tough! We ended up with 11.5 miles total. It's so magical to be in the woods with everything snow covered.

These sausages were the best post run meal!

That afternoon, I went to Godspell rehearsal. When I got home, Paul and I played cards and watched a couple episodes of Colbert. I went to bed super early to try to get some much needed sleep!
I got up really early but just sort of relaxed until Paul and I headed out to run some errands in the afternoon. One place we stopped was Buddy Boy Winery. We love their wines!

It's in Perry County...

And there are a bunch of cats that live at the winery! This one was very friendly.

We bought several bottles. 10% discount when you buy six!

After that, we headed to my brother and SIL's house for a family get together! It was so fun!

Then we came home to relax. It didn't feel like a Sunday night because I took off work tomorrow to take Paul to get four teeth pulled. Poor guy. Don't worry, we are STOCKED on soft foods. We got pudding, applesauce, yogurt, ice cream, eggs, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and soup. Any other suggestions for soft foods while he recuperates?
What were you up to this weekend?
Do you have yak trax?
Have you ever had teeth pulled?